Best Skin Care

Hendersonville, NC

Did you know that the largest organ in the human body is your skin? On average, we have between 16 and 20 square feet of skin. And every square inch of it provides essential protection from the harsh elements. In order to maintain healthy skin, which can help prevent a variety of painful and dangerous skin conditions, it is critical that you get the best skin care possible.

Daily exposure to sun, wind and pollutants can leave your skin dry, cracked and damaged. But at Virtu Skin & Body, we provide all the treatments and services you need to help combat the negative impact of the elements on your precious skin. Virtu Skin & Body has been an expert in providing skin care and skin resurfacing in Hendersonville, NC, for over 35 years.

Our skin resurfacing techniques include a variety of treatments depending on the damage to your skin including microdermabrasion, chemical peel, and Frequentia radio frequency treatments. We offer a free 30-minute consultation to determine what type of treatment would be most effective in meeting your specific needs.

While our treatments are state of the art, we also offer an experience that is unparalleled. We've been featured in such magazines as Time, Allure and Vogue because of our reputation for being one of the best and one of the first day spas in the country. You can relax in a spa-like environment and pamper yourself. Relaxing music and soothing aromas greet you from the moment you step in the door and the transformation from uptight to total delight will keep you coming back to visit time after time.

Visit the Virtu Skin & Body website at to learn how to get the best skin care available. We are conveniently open six days a week (Monday — Tuesday, 10am-5pm; Wednesday, 9am-5pm; Thursday — Friday, 11am-6pm, and Saturday, 10am-2pm). Call to schedule your appointment today at (828) 367-9099.