About Us

Are your eyebrows faint or sparse? Would you like them to be darker and stand out more for a little pick-me-up? Are you tired of darkening them each day while constantly trying not to smudge them? One of our brow tinting experts will fix that in a jiffy. Imagine no longer worrying about whether one of your eyebrows has been smeared or rubbed off completely. We can make the wish of fuller blows come true!

Are your eyelashes too faint to be seen? Do you feel that your eyes stand out more and only look truly open when wearing mascara or eyeliner? This is a common concern for many women, especially natural blondes, and redheads. One of our lash tinting experts will solve this problem in the blink of an eye….or the bat of an eyelash!

As far as pricing goes, most of us would like to save, at least, a little money. However, the care of your skin is priceless and it always comes first. Treat yourself to a luxurious day once in awhile… you deserve it!

We have locations in Asheville and Fairview, amongst several others.